May 08, 2009

Carnyville Foolery

photos courtesy of the Invisible PhotoBooth

Last weekend I had the awesome pleasure of performing with my fellow fools and circus freaks in the amazing Invisible Circus show Carnyville. The show spans three nights and takes place at the abandoned but now reclaimed Bridewell Island, the former police and fire station serving as an ironically apt location for a show so riotous and anarchic in nature. It was a great success, with the costumed crowds lining the street outside each night buzzing with excited anticipation for the opening of the gates, ready to become completely immersed in the pandemonium. There is so much beautiful, dazzling chaos once you step inside, it really is hard to believe your eyes. The astounding number of performances and interactive sensory delights on offer ensures that no person leaves with the same experience as another, if you can find your way out that is...

Carnyville brings together so many shining individuals and the sheer volume of hard work, determination and creativity that brings the show to life is a true inspiration.

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