December 10, 2009

Clockwork Dog

...And with the serendipitous finding of a lost lorry ratchet, Steam Dog was complete! And forget chihuahuas in handbags or pampered pugs, Steam Dog wears the handbag! Two of them actually...

December 06, 2009

The Listener

A screen narratives/animation project created in collaboration with media students at university, The Listener is a short film about an estranged and slightly mad inventor who lives in a ramshackle old 'listenarium' on a hill far above the industrialized city he despises. Music has been outlawed and has since seemingly slipped from existence in the city, but the inventor is determined to find its last remaining hiding place. One day, he finds himself moved to venture down the mountain in search of song...

Directed by Rob Hayward
Compositing/Post-production by Luke Fleming and Simon Ennals
Art Direction, Model-making and Casting by Ashley Clarke