December 19, 2012

The Wayfarer

I was super stoked recently to work with my good friend and brilliant performance artist China Blue Fish on her new theatre show, 'The Wayfarer'. I made a large, rustic antlered headdress to be worn by actor Danny Balla during the Wayfarer's ritual dance - here it is in action!

The Wayfarer is running all this week, 17th - Sat 22nd Dec, at Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, starting at 8pm. Go see it!

October 20, 2012

hedgehogs, serial killers and underpants

A Fantastic Fear of Everything is available to own on DVD and Blu-Ray from Monday! A chilling tale of hedgehogs, serial killers and underpants certain to be the perfect entertainment to snuggle up with under the blankets during this, the month of shadows and secrets.
Pre-order yours by clicking this link.

October 15, 2012

Wet autumn days

Walk through woodland wild
Rain falls to greet leaf and skin
Here, my temple home.

words/model: Ash Clarke

October 12, 2012

goodbye summer sun // new costume pieces!

amazing photos courtesy of

So, I've been up to a few things this summer...

As some may already know, when I'm not making things, drawing or writing, among other occupations I'm also a professional stilt walker. Which is why summer often finds me in a field, being a lot taller than usual and dressed as something ridiculous whilst surrounded by thousands of people.

First up on our festival circuit this year was Sunrise, which turned out to be the mud apocalypse so sadly no stilting there, but as my first muddy festival it was certainly... an experience. And I don't mean a bad one! Though bringing a pair of wellies might have helped me out a bit, rather than enduring the, erm, lovely damp feeling of trench foot in a pair of second hand walking boots I immediately spent a fiver on as soon as I slid my way on site. But trifles such as appropriate footwear and keeping vertical were no problem for these two legendary loons who showed everyone how it's supposed to be done:

Next, I was very excited to be at Secret Garden Party for the first time, which fully lived up to the hype. I was blown away by the sheer enormity of the creativity and effort that goes into making the site installations and the whole experience so special. Friday and Saturday were still no shows for us peg stilters, due to the lingering mud, but come Sunday the prevailing sunshine had given the ground a slightly firmer, yet rubber-like density, so it was off to join the New Orleans-stylee voodoo parade and finally have a stilt boogie.

Nozstock was a fun little adventure into the heart of Herefordshire with the Pariah Circus crew....a sweet, chilled out kind of festival, with a more family-orientated vibe...

....and after much anticipation, BOOMTOWN FAIR happened - the craziest, biggest, most upside-down inside-out festival I've experienced yet. My last time there was two years ago; unfortunately culminating in driving myself to hospital afterwards with chronic asthmatic problems (a long time coming really - don't smoke, kids! Assmar sucks!). Hence, I was really looking forward to being able to enjoy it this year. Finally, we were blessed with four days of beautiful sunshine too! And the cherry on top would probably have to be witnessing the fiery awesomeness of the three-legged arachnid Arcadia stage in action. The Arcadia crew put on the most incredible shows - if you get the chance to see one, don't miss it.

I was also excited to proudly unveil the new crow-inspired feather mohawk I made especially for the summer performances. 
I love wearing this piece, it's big, showy and totally rockin!
More crow inspired-costume pieces to come.

by the way - I kicked ass at Stilt Pong, hosted by Kings of Ping. I think it's my new favourite game! Also, check out the bearded dude posing effortlessly in the background with a can of red stripe:

August 31, 2012


My review of the recent graffiti/music spectacular that is SEE NO EVIL 2012 in Bristol is now available to read online at the Fear of Fiction website, feat. My Bad Sister, Arsequake, Prince Fatty and Buggsy.
What an amazing event; showcasing such a wide range of homegrown talent and cramming it all into one massive street party! It's a great example of one of the many creative happenings and forward community thinking in Bristol that make me very proud to be a south west girl. Yes indeed.

Read all about it by clicking >HERE< x

photos by

August 16, 2012

SEE NO EVIL 2012 preview

Here's a link to a little preview piece I wrote for Fear of Fiction mag for the upcoming, rather exciting SEE NO EVIL graffiti/music takeover in Bristol this weekend. Hope you can make it, this is gonna be BIG x

June 12, 2012

A Fantastic Fear of Everything

A Fantastic Fear of Everything finally had its general release on Friday 8th!
We're excited to hear that the animation we made is getting a good mention in the reviews - go see my nightmare-giving hedgehogs!

Here's an interview with co-directors Chris Hopewell and Crispian Mills, talking about the film and working with each other.

June 01, 2012

Bear Moves // Just Jack

Check out this nice little promo video the lovely gals and guys at Bear Moves have put together, featuring myself and others from our circus crew, for the recent Just Jack night at Motion, Bristol. You can catch us performing more stilts shenanigans in the UK this summer at Sunrise Festival, Secret Garden Party, Nozstock, Boomtown Fair and Shambala. See you in a (sunny) field soon! x

May 18, 2012

Sunday Brunch, Channel 4

Just heard the news that our Tree Man music vid for Admiral Fallow, which I worked on the costume for, is being shown this Sunday at 10am on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch. Keep your eyes peeled! x

May 13, 2012

Fantastic Fear

I'm back in Bristol after the cast and crew screening of A Fantastic Fear of Everything in London yesterday. Great to meet some of the London crew and hang out with my Collision family - feeling slightly worse for wear today, but still pretty stoked on the high of seeing my animated hedgehog puppet creations on the big screen and watching my name roll in the credits...! Don't let the Y fronts on the poster scare you, go see it! A Fantastic Fear of Everything opens June 8th in UK cinemas.

April 30, 2012

Riot Grrrls

My first published live music review is out now on the Fear of Fiction website!
Check it out >HERE<


April 18, 2012

Admiral Fallow, 'The Paper Trench'

Latest collaborative work on the music promo for Admiral Fallow's 'The Paper Trench'. I worked on the design and making of the tree costume, as worn in the video by actor Jez Hellion, also known as Hagrid's body double in Harry Potter! That's a big tree suit.

'The Paper Trench' is the new single taken from Admiral Fallow's brand new album 'Tree Bursts In Snow'.

Director: Gregory Davenport
Producer: Licia Shirin Conn
1st AC: Emilio Schlappi
2nd AC: Alistair King
Gaffer: Raz Khamehseifi
Grade: Toby Tomkins
Costume Design: Ashley Clarke
MUA: Sammm Agnew

April 06, 2012

A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Here it is folks; the trailer for A Fantastic Fear of Everything is out, featuring the animated hedgehog puppets I designed and made for the film! This is the secret film project I may have mentioned that I was working on last summer.
Release date is set for June 8th in UK cinemas, we can't wait! x

link to the IMDb page
Hollywood Reporter review ("disturbing-looking hedgehog"!)

March 13, 2012

Admiral Fallow, the making of Tree Man

Last month I was contacted by fabulous director Greg Davenport of Epoch Films, London to help him find a solution to his urban 'Tree Man' character idea for a music promo for Glaswegian band Admiral Fallow. He quickly shot over some pointers to be included in the design and I sketched out some rough visualizations for the costume...

NB - The actor donning the tree suit was eventually confirmed as Jeremy Hill, who played Hagrid's body in the Harry Potter films, not Tom as I originally drew in the designs! Either way, both actors are exceptionally tall. 

In the original design I had intended for the skin on top of the framework to be mostly made out of lightweight and organic materials like real bark and branches/twigs/etc which I knew I could fairly easily acquire around Bristol, and would also make the costume fabrication achievable within the 1 week timeframe and low budget restrains. But after the logistical decision was made for me to work as part of a team in London instead, this part of the design was difficult to implement. Fortunately, the discovery of a dead tree in Sammm's back garden the day before the costume was due to travel to Glasgow meant that parts of the costume could still be fashioned re. the original design (ie. head/shoulders/collar - the parts to be mostly seen in close-ups), with extra bark and tinted tissue paper/latex laid over to blend the other parts that had already been made. Sammm Agnew MUA is the other half of team Tree Man and my fellow collaborator on the project.

It's nice to have soft, warm friends to cuddle up to after an exhausting night tree surgeoning...

After a 9 hour road trip with the film crew up to Glasgow (kudos to our lovely driver Leandro who kept stoked on caffeine and never once tired!) and a much deserved rest, we headed out early the next morning to begin shooting. Our wonderful actor Jez is an absolute trooper and wore the costume from morning to sundown, being bundled into the back of a transit to travel from location to location - now that's dedication! He looked treemendous on film too hahaha sorry there really has been no end to the tree jokes.... Special Branch anybody?.....ahhhaa cough cough.

Sammm and I with Jez inside our tree man creation

A great big thank you to all the film crew, my fellow tree maker Sammm Agnew MUA, our amazing tree man Jeremy Hill, the band and producer/director Licia Conn/Greg Davenport at Epoch Films for a fantastical Scottish adventure.
Expect the music video for Admiral Fallow 'The Paper Trench' to come out later this month!