September 30, 2010

The Goblin King's Court of Disorder

photos courtesy of Joe Clarke and Marcus T

I love traveling to ye olde London towne. Especially when I'm not the one driving. And especially when it's to perform at a rather exciting new Guerilla Zoo event in the great big caverns underneath ye olde London Bridge - The Goblin King's Court of Disorder!

In between romping around the underground like a giant pixie on my stilts, I was fortunate to make friends with some beautiful creatures.

Highlight of my evening? Having a chat backstage with the enchanted legendary artist himself, Brian Froud! An absolute gentleman, he came all the way from the south coast to give a guest appearance and delighted us all with his tales of how the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth came into being. His son Toby, of course, played the baby that David Bowie kidnaps in Labyrinth. He's a puppet maker and stilt walker too don'cha know?

There are more photos to feast your eyes upon here:
and here:!i=1121749833&k=gT8SG

Watch this space for more Goblin King events in 2012.....

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