September 20, 2013

Giant Drag, the farewell tour

Just did a little poster design for Giant Drag on their farewell tour; here's a nice picture I took of the bodacious Annie Hardy displaying it: (thanks Annie!)

2 colour (also available in orange/blue), limited edition of 100. Available to buy from my online store, woohoo!

I first heard Giant Drag at college when I was 19 after my friend Kieran introduced me to 'Hearts and Unicorns'. I played the album in my car endlessly for about 2 months during the end of a doomed relationship, until I inevitably lost the cd to the black hole that exists under the passenger seat where it was never seen again. 
If you want to keep up with the awesome shit Annie is getting up to post-Giant Drag, you should visit where she will be posting stuff to do with her new musical adventures in Annie Hardy and the Psychos.


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